Top 7 Health Benefits Of Losing Weight

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Losing weight is a perfect blend of exercise and healthy eating. Exercise to the ‘core’ and change your ‘apple’ it must be your mantra for a healthy weight loss. There are several health benefits that overweight people gain from losing weight. Here are few of them:

You Make New Friends
When you are motivated to lose weight, you indulge in outdoor activities or even renew your fees at the gym. It is likely that you will make friends and plan a group fitness regime with your gym buddies.

No More Seasonal Woes
If you feel your eyes itch or your nose runs during springtime and winter months, it can be due to obesity-related problems. Your adrenal glands are working overtime resulting in a trigger of an asthma attack or allergies. If you trim your figure, you can give those medicines amiss and not worry about visiting your physician.

Lowers Blood Pressure
Let’s admit it. Your body is working hard when you are obese. This extra weight can cause an increase in heart rate and reduce your body’s ability to transport blood through the veins. A narrowed artery can lead to stroke and other debilitating conditions.

Improves Sex Drive
If you are shy of the birds and bees talk, here’s some news for you. Losing weight can lead to an increase in libido. Losing a mere 10 percent of the weight can boost your sexual performance, all thanks to the rise in the level of testosterone in the body.

You Sleep Better
Snoring, sleep and apnea have an interesting relationship. The extra flab of skin around your neck can lead to snoring. Try losing 5 pounds, and you will notice how much your sleep quality improves. You wake up feeling fresh and ready to kick start the new day.

Boosts Body Image
How often have you skipped a party or a social gathering simply because you did not feel good about yourself? Overweight people have a poor body image and shy away from socializing or making new friends. With a gradual weight loss, you will notice how much of a positive effect it can have on your self-esteem.

You participate in outdoor activities, feel energetic to run a marathon or workout at the gym with your new friend.

You Will Be Noticed At Work
At your office party, do not pile your plate with mounds of food. When your boss catches you eating healthily, they perceive you as an outcome-driven leader. Call it mind game or behavioral psychology, it sends a message that you want to be successful at work, and you are likely to look after the business just the way you look at yourself. Be prepared for a promotion letter on your desk when you get back to work.

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