Rise And Fall Of Testosterone- Everything You Wanted To Know

Did you know that the levels of testosterone decline as you grow older? Studies have shown that men these days are not as manly when compared to their forefathers. There has been a rise in centers that address male sexual health and other related queries that were once considered taboo. Schedule a visit to HealthGAINS and consult a doctor or browse related topics on www.healthline.com.

As experts put it, the cause of this decline is due to a myriad of factors. It is mainly due to obesity, history of smoking and other lifestyle-related habits that can cause an upheaval in the hormonal level. The food that is consumed is laced with chemicals with a low amount of nutritional value. This results in an increase in estrogen level and a gradual decrease of testosterone in the body.

What is testosterone?
The hormone T or testosterone is produced by the reproductive organs of men and women. The washboard abs and the masculine features that you admire in a man are largely due to this hormone that plays a significant role in the development of facial and pubic hair, muscle mass, sex drive and development of the voice in males.

Fall in hormone level
Rather than making an effort to change personal lifestyle habits and enabling the body to produce the hormone naturally, men are seeking help from experts. They recommend the injection of artificial testosterone rather than suggesting weight loss, exercise and good sleep. By incorporating few healthy changes in your lifestyle, you can increase the hormone levels naturally.

Benefits of testosterone
Keeps a tab on weight- This hormone is known to play a vital role in balancing insulin levels. When there is a slight deviation in the hormone level, it can lead to building up of adipose tissue which results in weight gain.

Healthy heart- Blood is pumped to the rest of the body, which provides all the muscles and organs with oxygen for a proper functioning of the cells. A dip in the levels of testosterone is linked to risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Strong bones- This hormone is responsible for the bone density. As the level dips, it causes the onset of osteoporosis as you grow older.

Increasing testosterone naturally
Here are few evidence-based ideas that will help increase the level of the hormone T.

Exercise- When you lead an active lifestyle, it contributes largely in boosting the levels of the hormone. Doctors suggest increased physical activity combined with a balanced diet.

Diet- What is on your plate, has a direct impact on the testosterone level. Pay attention to what you eat and ensure that you get the daily requirement of proteins, carbs and fat.

Say goodbye to stress- Though it is not completely possible to get rid of stress in the current lifestyle, you can control the impact by indulging in activities like meditation or involving in a sport of your choice. For an optimal level of the hormone, try and avoid repetitive stressful situations in life or look at the different ways of managing it effectively.

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