Menopause And Sexual Libido- Here’s How The Connection Goes!

When a woman goes through her menopause, it is very likely that her sexual libido gets reduced. In some cases, the opposite also happens. The decrease in libido is often the result of reduced hormone levels. Read more about hormone level imbalance and the associated disorders at HealthGains. According to, sexual libido can be regained to a great extent by making healthy lifestyle changes.

How menopause affects libido?
When a woman reaches her menopause, the levels of estrogen and testosterone reduces drastically. The hormone level drops to nearly half of that present during her young age. Low level of the hormone reduces the supply of blood to the vagina which causes dryness of the vagina. A condition known as vaginal atrophy which is characterized by the reduced thickness of vaginal walls may also happen due to hormone drop. Both these conditions cause pain during sexual intercourse.

Other after-effects such as weight gain, depression, mood swings, etc. also indirectly lead to reduced interest in sex. Hot flashes are also very common which makes a woman too tired to enjoy sex.

Medical consultation
If the symptoms associated with menopause are intense and making things difficult for you, you need not bear it as if there is no option. Approach a doctor, and he would be able to suggest remedial measures. Depending on your case, a good practitioner would explain to you about treatments and techniques which you can do from home, and medication if required.

Do not feel hesitant to talk to your doctor about the sexual issues you are suffering. He/she would be able to give you the proper solution only if you convey your symptoms and their intensity rightly. Prepare a note of the things you want to tell your doctor before going to meet him/her. This ensures that you do not miss out any valid points. Have a basic understanding of your issue so that you know what the doctor might ask. This would help in giving the answers clearly which would help in the treatment.

What are the treatments?
Hormone replacement therapy- This is the method of supplementing the hormones such as estrogen and testosterone which your body is not producing. Some doctors may prescribe estrogen tablets. Making use of such replacement methods helps in getting rid of vaginal tightness, dryness, etc. But this method is not free from side effects; so, depending on your case, your doctor may prescribe estrogen cream or vaginal ring.

Regular exercise- Exercise has proven effects on reducing stress and controlling weight gain. Start with simple exercises and do them regularly. Kegels are excellent exercises for your pelvic muscles which are associated with sex. Making exercise as a part of your daily routine would help in your overall physical and mental wellness.

Lubricants- Certain gels can ease dryness of vagina and hence remove the pain you feel during intercourse. So, try out a lubricant which your doctor prescribes.

Conclusive note
Have faith in the treatment and follow what is advised by the doctors. Most of the associated health issues can be relieved with the right treatment. Take care!

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